Connect your Reminders with Calendar

Give reminders a calendar view

Calendar view lets you see reminders for an entire month in one interface. This way you can get a better idea of ​​your schedule

Two-way synchronization

Can sync from Reminders to Calendar and from Calendar to Reminders

Privacy protection

Ports only on your device and does not save your calendar and reminder data

Auto sync

With the blessing of shortcut commands, synchronization is imperceptible, without opening the APP

No production data

We do not produce data, we are just porters of your data

Multi-terminal synchronization

With the blessing of iCloud, it supports multiple devices such as iPhone and iPad to synchronize at the same time, without conflict and duplication

Support for recurring tasks

Recurring reminders and calendars can also be automatically converted and synchronized

Support one-time buyout

No annoying subscriptions and inexplicable renewals, one-time payment, all platforms, lifetime use

Support multiple devices

Whether it is an iPhone or an iPad, it can be downloaded and used